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ACDK Packages

The ACDK is split into packages.

Sub chapter pages:

Overview of the package dependencies.

acdk_core contains the core distribution of ACDK.

CfgScript is a object oriented scripting language similar to Java/JavaScript. CfgScript is uses and is used by ACDK for scripting purposes.

acdk_boot contains a basic ACDK project with a shared library/DLL and a HelloWorld executable.

acdk_text contains classes for text rendering and parsing, including perl like regular expressions.

acdk_net contains the basic functions for network communication.

acdk_xml contains some classes regarding XML, including a XML-serialisation.

acdk_vfile implements virtual file systems for zip and tar files, which can used as plugin for the ACDK File framework.

acdk_wx provides a ACDK-Wrapper to create platform independ GUI applications using the wxWindow/wxWidget GUI library.

acdk_lisp contains a lisp interpreter, which can be used to control all ACDK objects.

acdk_make (amake) contains a build system for ACDK.

acdk_java makes ACDK Objects accessible to Java and Java classes to C++. acdk_java integrate an Java virtual machine into acdk. acdk_java also provides Java compatible serialization of C++ classes.

With acdk_perl, you can instrument a perl interpreter inside of your acdk application and you are able to have access to all ACDK-Objects in your perl environment.

acdk_tcl enables to embed Tcl scripting code into your ACDK application, controling all ACDK Objects via DMI.

With acdk_python, you can instrument a Python interpreter inside of your acdk application and you are able to have access to all ACDK-Objects in your Python environment.

ACDKX ORB provides a lean/fast/easy to use CORBA ORB for ACDK.

ACDKX COM+ is a middleware between ACDK Objects and COM+ objects. You can use all ACDK Objects in Windows Languages, like Visual Basic, C#, VBScript, etc. You can also use all COM+ Objects in ACDK and all scripting languages like lisp, perl, tcl, python.

acdk_sql contains the specification for JDBC-like interface to SQL databases.

acdk_sql_sqlite provides a easy to use desktop database accessible via standard JDBC-like ACDK SQL interfaces.

With acdk_sql_odbc, you can access all databases providing the ODBC interface.

acdkx_rmdi implements a transparent remote invocation for ACDK.

aal is an experimental language. Currently it is pre-alpha.

Java2ACDK is an utility to convert an java file to ACDK .h and .cpp file. Don't expect an perfect result.

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