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acdk_net contains the basic functions for network communication.

acdk_net corresponds to the packages with TCP and UDP Sockets and URLConnection ( acdk::net::HttpURLConnection and  acdk::net::FileURLConnection.

The package  acdkx_net_ssl provides a simple  acdkx::net::ssl::SSLSocket and HTTPSURLConnection.
Later can be used to access https URLs.

The Socket networking classes fits into the ACDK IO framework.

acdk_net_ftp provides a  virtual file systems plugin for the  acdk::io::File fassade to access FTP Urls with ordinary file access. Please refer to the the unit tests  acdk_net_ftp_FTPFileSystem_Test.cpp and  acdk_net_ftp_FTPClient_Test.cpp for samples how to use transparent ftp server access.

It also contains an expermental (Simple Remote File System) in the package acdk_net_srfsys and ( acdk::net::srfsys) and the server/client acdk_net_srsync to synchronize two computers.
It is not so sophisticated as f.e. rsync, but used in practise to synchronize > 150 GB over modem lines.
acdk_net_srfsys is implemented as remote file system plugin for the  acdk::io::File fassade.

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ACDK NET (acdk_net)acdk_net contains the basic functions for network communication.

acdkx_net_ssl provides an implementation for SSLSocket and a client URLConnection for the https protocol.

Simple Remote file system using standard acdk::io::File plugin interface.

This is a generic installation for ACDK packages.

ACDK is available under the LGPL license.

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