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acdk_xml contains some classes regarding XML, including a XML-serialisation.

acdk_xml contains a class framework to parse XML and HTML files with a SAX or DOM Parser. It also validation, namespaces and XPath expressions.

The module org_xml contains the interface defintions following Java mapping of the http SAX interface (defined in  org::xml::sax and the Java mapping of the DOM (Document Object Model) by the http W3C (defined in  org::w3c::dom).

To make handling with DOM a little bit more comfortable the acdk enrich the original DOM interface with methods inspired by the http dom4j Java library.

Currently two implementation for the SAX and DOM parsers are available:

The first is based on the http expat library (which is  included in acdk_xml). It is a lean SAX implementation and has also basic DOM support. It can be found in the namespace  acdk::xml::sax and  acdk::xml::dom.

The better choice is the http libxml2 implementation, which supports namespaces, DOM Reading and Writing, parsing XML and HTML.
Access and manipulation to/of a DOM Tree is also possible via XPath expressions.
The corresponding classes can be found in the namespace  acdk::xml::libxmldom.

A copy of the underlying libxml2 C library is in  included.

Sample code can be found in  ACDK XML and the unit tests  acdk_xml_dom_LibXML_Test.cpp.

acdk_xml also contains some basic object serialization to/from XML ( XMLObject[Reader|Writer] and  acdk::xml::XMLObjectWriter);

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ACDK XML (acdk_xml)acdk_xml contains some classes regarding XML, including a XML-serialisation.

ACDK XML is a XML parsing framework similar to the java.xml package.

This is a generic installation for ACDK packages.

ACDK is available under the LGPL license.

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