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ACDKX ORB provides a lean/fast/easy to use CORBA ORB for ACDK.

acdkx_orb implements a CORBA ORB for ACDK Objects.

It is designed to fit into the ACDK DMI concept, which means that each CORBA object can be controled by any ACDK DMI Client (ACDK C++, CfgScript, COM, Perl, Lisp, Python, Tcl, Java) and each ACDK Server (ACDK C++, CfgScript, COM, Lisp, Java) can provide its interfaces as CORBA components.
Different to official C++ language binding, the  ACDK binding is much more simple.
acdkx_orb provides a  acdkmc plugin to generated  static skeletons directly from source (not IDL). For usage with other orbs the  acdkxorbidl can be used to generade IDL definitions from ACDK C++ headers.

An experimental  dynamic binding can be used to comunikate via IIOP without any static skeleton.

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ACDKX ORB provides a lean/fast/easy to use CORBA ORB for ACDK.

With th acdkmc plugin static skeleton/proxies can be created from ACDK classes.

A basic idea of of ACDK dynamic proxy over DMI is, that it is not necessary to write any to enable normal ACDK objects as CORBA server objects or client interfaces.

With acdkorbidl the CORBA IDL definitions of a compiled package can be extracted

Some notes about the basic design ideas and features of ACDK ORB.

This is a generic installation for ACDK packages.

ACDK is available under the LGPL license.

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